Physical Review Journals Symposium and Awards

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APS Award for the Best Poster

Title"Experimental Validation of Very High Gain Antennas Based on Modulated Metasurfaces"

Authors: Enrica Martini, Gabriele Minatti, Francesco Caminita, Cristian Della Giovampaola, Stefano Maci


APS Award for the Best Theoretical Paper

Title"Upper Bound for the Light Absorption in a Nanovolume Assisted by a Nanoantenna"

Authors: Emilie Sakat, Léo Wojszvzyk, Jean-Jacques Greffet, Jean-Paul Hugonin, and Christophe Sauvan


APS Award for the Best  Experimental Paper

Title"Observation of Mechanical Activity in a 3D Metamaterial"

Authors: Tobias Frenzel, Julian Köpfler, Erik Jung, Muamer Kadic, and Martin Wegener


APS Award for the Best  Applied Paper

Title"Hyperbolic Dispersion Metamaterials for Life Sciences Applications"

Authors: Giuseppe Strangi


Physical Review Journals Symposium

The conference organizers and the editors of Physical Review invite you to a Special Session dedicated to a few select works published recently in the Physical Review journals, within and beyond the traditional domain of metamaterials research.

In addition to the session, there will also be a meet-and-greet event with the Physical Review editors.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

  • Julia de Pineda, for the paper J. D. de Pineda, A. P. Hibbins, and J. Roy Sambles, "Microwave edge modes on a metasurface with glide symmetry," Phys. Rev. B, 98, 205426 (2018).
  • Alexander Poddubny, for the paper A. V. Poshakinskiy, and A. N. Poddubny, "Optomechanical Kerker Effect," Phys. Rev. X, 9, 011008 (2019).
  • Lorenzo Valdevit, for the paper L. Salari-Sharif, B. Haghpanah, A. Guell Izard, M. Tootkaboni, and L. Valdevit, "Negative-Stiffness Inclusions as a Platform for Real-Time Tunable Phononic Metamaterials," Phys. Rev. Applied, 11, 024062 (2019).
  • Alejandro Martinez, for the paper J. Enrique Vazquez-Lozano, and A. Martinez, Optical chirality in dispersive and lossy media   Phys. Rev. Lett. 121 043901 (2018).


Physical Review editors:

  • Mu Wang, Editor, Physical Review Letters & Physical Review Materials
  • Ling Miao, Managing Editor, Physical Review X
  • Manolis Antonoyiannakis, Associate Editor, Physical Review B
  • Julie Kim-Zajonz, Managing Editor, Physical Review Applied
  • Thomas Pattard, Managing Editor, Physical Review A


Physical Review Journals Awards

The Steering Commitee - represented by Profs. Filiberto Bilotti and Andrea Alù - is very proud to announce the 2019 Best Paper Awards and 2019 Best Poster Award, sponsored by APS Physics.

The Best Paper Awards have been created to recognize the scientific quality of research in three different domains (Applied/Theory/Experiments) whereas the Best Poster Award is not related to a specific domain.

All papers/posters presented at the conference, except for invited and plenary contributions, are eligible.

Each award includes a certificate and an honorarium of €200 to be shared among the authors. The winner will be announced during the conference closing ceremony.

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