We interpret metamaterials as rationally designed composites, the effective properties of which go beyond their bulk ingredients, qualitatively and/or quantitatively.

We accept papers in any combination out of the following 8 categories:


Category 1 - Area

Electromagnetic from DC to optical and beyond (including, e.g., metallic, dielectric, magnetic, and superconducting ingredients)
Acoustic and mechanical (including, e.g., seismic)
Transport (including, e.g., nanoelectronics, and thermal transport)

Category 2 - Geometry

1D, 2D, and 3D metamaterials and metasurfaces
(1+1)D, (2+1)D, and (3+1)D space-time metamaterials and metasurfaces
Individual meta-atoms
Meta-systems (including, e.g., gradient metamaterials, metamaterials in architectures designed by coordinate transformations, as well as far-field and near-field imaging systems)

Category 3 - Arrangement


Category 4 - Frequency

Dynamic (including wave propagation)

Category 5 - Type


Category 6 - Status

Fixed properties
Tunable properties (including, e.g., modulators, switchable properties, software-defined, and adaptive properties)

Category 7 - Physical basis

Classical (linear and nonlinear, including, e.g., multistable and programmable)

Category 8 - Technology Readiness Level

Effective-medium theories and homogenization (including, e.g., high-frequency and high-contrast homogenization and spatial dispersion modelling)
Design (including, e.g., analytical approaches, topology optimization, numerical methods, machine and deep learning, bio-inspiration)
Fabrication and characterization (including, e.g., new manufacturing approaches, 3D additive manufacturing, parameter retrieval, reliability testing, and fatigue testing)
Applications and commercialization (including, e.g., antennas, sensing, spectral and spatial filtering, civil engineering, marine engineering, biology, and earthquake protection)

In addition, we accept papers on composites, plasmonics, photonic crystals, phononic crystals, and invisibility cloaking if related to the scope of the congress in some way.

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